20 March 2017

Trend alert: Vichy

I am quite excited with the vichy trend that is almost everywhere. I like it in easy shirts and as I am getting used to the trend, I would even try it in a skirt or a jumpsuit. How do you like it? Would you go for it?

09 March 2017

Trend alert: Cropped Jeans

I found this amazing pair of jeans in my mailbox today. I have to admit that h&m launched amazing jeans this season.
I totally love this style with cropped edges and the light blue color. As I am a skinny jeans type of person, when I started wearing loose jeans I can't go back. 

05 March 2017

Sunday vibes

via here
Normally Sunday is a tumblr-scoll-down day, no matter the weather, day, or anything else, I am addicted to inspo sources. I have to notice: I need a Gucci tshirt and transparent glasses. How was your weekend?
Happy March and happy spring!

p.s. my tumblr page is MaryFashionLove


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