09 April 2017

Proud blonde

As I said on my last post, I dyed my hair, without going to the hairdresser, with a kinda organic dye from Korres. I think I like them as the result is pretty good for a pharmacy hair dye.
For today's outfit, a Sunday typical one, I chose my favourite pink barbie top with a black jumpsuit. The week that is coming is orthodox Easter and I will have some days off. As the weather is getting better I hope to enjoy the holidays outside in the sun with besties.
Wish you a beautiful week ahead. Many kisses.

05 April 2017

How to wear corset trend

I have been thinking of this corset trend lately and since I have a bustier in my wardrobe for years without wearing it, I gave it a chance with a white tee.
I like this kind of outfits, easy with stylish details. The trousers are quite new and are my favorite pair lately. I love to style them with crop tops and short sweaters.
The shoes match a lot with that kind of jeans and metallics this season is a big trend.
Guys, I just bought a blonde hair dye, so I am returning to blonde apparently. I am quite anxious about the result. I need a shift in my personal life so maybe hair is a great point to start with.
Moreover, my iphone broke down a month ago so I had to detox from technology, today my new phone just came and I am quite happy and relieved.
Hope you alla have a great week.

02 April 2017

Office decoration ideas

As I am about to decorate my new office I want to share with you some amazing inspo that I gathered from pinterest. I strongly believe that pinterest is addictive in every aspect LOL.
I love the minimal, diy, projects that I find there.
The truth is that I only bought the curtains which inspired me a lot, they are tropical with green big leaves. Referring to other elements, I have chosen wood and metal. It will take me a long time to finish but at least I have something to work on and feel creative.


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