23 December 2017

Saturday is for cute outfits

OK I am ot the one that went to Paris for christmas - my bestie did - but I am the one that dress like a parisian one, lol.
It is so cold these days in Greece that I can't stand to wear less that three layers in my everyday life. This outfit is quite warm and fancy at the same time.
I hadn't tryied before wearing my favorite belt with a sweater but it totally works. What do you think?
Yesterday the holidays started - until 27 of december - and I enjoy myself at home under the blankets and drinking wine under the christmas tree (ho ho ho). Do you have any special plans for holidays? (The question that I have to answer everytime I meet someone and I feel so awkward to explain that "hey I am totally broke, you know?").
At this point, I have to wish you an amazing time during holidays and Merry Christmas!!! Love and health to everyone.

I was wearing

Lightinthebox bag
Benetton swearer
Migato booties

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