29 January 2018

The perfect prom party dress

You usually ask me how to choose the perfect coctail or prom dress in order to be unique and classy at the same time. The truth is that I am afraid of extremely long-tailed dresses with an overdose of sequins and I hesitate to open up about this topic. 
I prefer a simple dress in chic line in one color and I trully believe that a long dress in a mermaid shape do really update any body type and I totally introduce this type of dresses to every girl.

21 January 2018

What to wear on cold winter days

Today the day is typical wintery: rain, dullness and cold. Eventually, this weather has all of us under blankets with a hot cup of coffee or tea and maybe a book. When I want to beat this feeling of dullness due to weather I wear bright/white clothes to cheer me up.
I created this outfit to keep me warm and feel bright from inside out.
Of course I wanted to wear my lovely new fur coat that I received a couple days ago. I just can't stop wearing it because it is so fluffy and smooth - and of course super warm.
Do you wear white during winter months? I also love white with camel coats and booties.
Hope you had a beautiful weekend everybody!

20 January 2018

DECO: The perfect bedroom

I trully love weekends because I can stay in bed as long as I like ( I may wake up quite early (9.00-10.00) but I can stay in bed till 11 to 12 ) and keep myself warm and cosy. For this reason I give exceptional warning in every piece of furniture, decoration, greenery and lightning I place in there. I would describe my decoration style as scandinavian - boho - minimal. I normally got inspired by single things and build the whole room/space according to what caught my attention first. For instance my previous bedroom was romantic and after the renovation on october, it is cubistic - boho with a color palette inspired by colors of 2018. I changed the place of the desk in order to have a view of the window and created an inspiration board on the right of the desk to got inpired by random things that I adore. I bought an aloe plant to purify the air in the bedroom and also is an amazing plant to use as decoration element. There are many plants that you can use to purify the air in your bedroom, you should give them a try. Also I use dry lavender that has amazing efects to your sleep. Except from plants, in all the places that I resident I have a huge amount of candles. I love the smell and sight of burning candles. They create a warm bedroom atmospere at once. When it comes to cushions I choose cotton in white or light grey. I also love the ones that have a furry textile. To keep extra warm and cosy you can add more blankets to your bed. Who said layering is only suitable in clothes? 

In case you love interior design and want to update your private space you are free to drop me a line and ask anything you like. Moreover you can use a lovely platform called Havenly where you can visualise and create your warm beautiful bedroom at once. Happy weekend and stay warm and yourself!

14 January 2018

Sunday outfit inspo

via by FAR instagram
Today I feel extra comfy and as the weather got colder a cape and a leather beret is everything.
My style is getting vintage lately, I go with the flow ~~~~ I am a yogi after all.
Happy week!!

12 January 2018

Keep it simple and classy

via here
I am in love with this photo since I saw it in pinterest. So chic and flawless.
I need a trip to anywhere I guess. Traveling is everything.
Goodnight and happy weekend.

07 January 2018

Weekend outfits: How to wear your fluffy jacket

Yesterday I wore my favorite grey jacket that I bought two years ago and still luuuv it, with high thigh boots and a black skirt. Normally I choose black and white outfits with an exceptional jacket to upgrade my outfit.
The bag that I was wearing you have already seen it in my previous post and it became very quickly my favorite one. The main reason? It is so light to carry, something that is very important for me as I am forced to carry many things in my everyday life.
About my hair, sleek hair are a trend and I have inherited it the last months, I kinda like it. I don't know what other people think of it but I really do not care (ho ho ho).
Have a creative week everybody!

06 January 2018

Saturday OOTD - in case you love berets as I do

Urban Outfitters skirt
I am trully in love with berets since - ever?! - they are SO stylish, frenchie, chic and upgrade every outfit every the more basic ones.
Another love of mine is plaid in every surface. Plaid skirts and trousers are so amazing and classy. A white basic top is always the best way to match them.
Happy weekend everybody!!

04 January 2018

Decoration inspo

via here
So many things that I love into this photo, the transparent table, vintage phones, neon signs, fluffy stuff (can I add cats? lol).

01 January 2018

New Year's outfit - Happy 2018

Such an amazing day to be the first day of a New Year. Happy 2018 everybody.
I hope the new year will bring you enerything you need. Health, happiness and love.
As I am not working this week, I tried l'oreal colorista peach hair as I wanted to have peach hair two years now. I totally love them!
For this day, a gold dress and rose gold heels are the best choice.
This amazing bag is a present from my best friend. It is handmade and she can custom made for you a bag in any size you like and in the color you love. I would be thankfull if you visit her site and support her new company. She really does an amazing job.
Cheers to the girl power! This is our year.
Love you all, Mary.


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