29 January 2018

The perfect prom party dress

You usually ask me how to choose the perfect coctail or prom dress in order to be unique and classy at the same time. The truth is that I am afraid of extremely long-tailed dresses with an overdose of sequins and I hesitate to open up about this topic. 
I prefer a simple dress in chic line in one color and I trully believe that a long dress in a mermaid shape do really update any body type and I totally introduce this type of dresses to every girl.
When it comes to long dresses I always choose the ones with a high split. They are absolutely sexy and feminine. I have a red long dress with a high split and sometimes I like to combine it with high thing boots. This combination is quite extreme and sexy but totally love it.
Another type of extremely feminine dresses that are an amazing choice to a prom is an off-the-shoulders dress. If you choose this type of clothing make sure that you will be the center of the party. It depends on the bodytype of every women when it comes to choose one of: off-the-shoulders dress or V-neck dress. Normally when the breast of a woman is bigger, V-neck dresses are the ones that fit her best. 
I really know that online you can find a huge range of cheap prom dresses and for this reason I attach just some samples of dresses I loved. I am sure you can find whatever you are searching for. Have fun!!



  1. Love your post darling 😄 I followed your blog,hope u can do the same 😄

  2. Beautiful dresses :)



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