21 January 2018

What to wear on cold winter days

Today the day is typical wintery: rain, dullness and cold. Eventually, this weather has all of us under blankets with a hot cup of coffee or tea and maybe a book. When I want to beat this feeling of dullness due to weather I wear bright/white clothes to cheer me up.
I created this outfit to keep me warm and feel bright from inside out.
Of course I wanted to wear my lovely new fur coat that I received a couple days ago. I just can't stop wearing it because it is so fluffy and smooth - and of course super warm.
Do you wear white during winter months? I also love white with camel coats and booties.
Hope you had a beautiful weekend everybody!

I was wearing

Zara trousers and top


  1. Ωραίο το γουναρικό ;)


  2. Beautiful look, love the coat :)



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