25 December 2018

Holidays outfit ideas

I am back at blogging guys and as I am at home watching "Home Alone 2" - Merry Christmas everybody!! - I decided to share with you some outfit ideas perfect for Holiday season. 
I am going to wear a sequin skirt for Christmas night out and I totally recommend elegant fashion skirts for this season. You can pair this kind of skirts with a body or a crop top. You can also wear a stylish skirt with a jumper when the holiday season is over for a simplier and more balanced outfit.
When I am going shopping through this season I am always buying formal clothes but when you end up wearing them just once then maybe you should invest in buying more easy going clothes like a pair of trousers and stylish tops (my experience says so, as I am stepping into 30 in 2019). So, except from the sequined skirt I also bought a pair of black leather trousers to match with a sequined transparent body and I am sure that I am going to wear it so much more that the skirt. Of course you can match a pair of fashion cute pants with a jumper or shirt and go to work after Christmas season. This way the clothes that you invest in totally worth it. So guys, what are you going to wear tonight?


  1. Χαρούμενα Χριστουγεννα κι απο εδώ!


  2. Cool holiday outfit ideas!
    Merry Christmas!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. beautiful skirts! Happy holidays dear.




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