15 September 2014

Hello sailor!

It looks like hats are an essential accessory to me lately (remember my last outfit post?). Before going back to Thessaloniki and back to university after almost two years (wow that sounds a lot!) I chose to shot a last outfit with my summer hat that I bought from Mykonos a month ago. That was my unique way to say goodbye to a beautiful summer.
At this time I am feeling a little bit nervous about moving back and I have no idea about how my everyday life will be like. I am so sad that I am not able to write every day like I did a year ago, and answer to your comments. I hope I will arrange my day in a better way from now on. Have a beautiful week!

01 September 2014

September wanties

Vintage Solid Color Lace Jewel Neck Blouse and Skirt Suits 

As I am in a formal clothing mood lately due to my cousins wedding, September's wanties couldn't be something else except of classy-chic-sexy and off course catchy clothes. All my picks are from a fabulous on line shop called rosegal.com. All my picks are from the vintage collection which is totally amazing. What's more? You will not believe the amazing prices and the huge range of clothes. You only have to check it on your own! Moreover, wish you a fabulous September!
p.s. the first suit and the maxi dress aren't stunning?

23 August 2014

Hat on the Saturday morning

I'm so glad that after a long long time I finally did a new photoshoot! I received this dress just before my vacations and loved it so bad! Really needed a dress like this: black, mini, backless. As I didn't want to create a very sexy outfit - as we made the photoshoot this morning - I chose to wear it with my favorite hat and everyday greek leather sandals. 
The location is the best one in my town, perfect for hot days like today (36 degrees).


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