14 January 2018

Sunday outfit inspo

via by FAR instagram
Today I feel extra comfy and as the weather got colder a cape and a leather beret is everything.
My style is getting vintage lately, I go with the flow ~~~~ I am a yogi after all.
Happy week!!

12 January 2018

Keep it simple and classy

via here
I am in love with this photo since I saw it in pinterest. So chic and flawless.
I need a trip to anywhere I guess. Traveling is everything.
Goodnight and happy weekend.

07 January 2018

Weekend outfits: How to wear your fluffy jacket

Yesterday I wore my favorite grey jacket that I bought two years ago and still luuuv it, with high thigh boots and a black skirt. Normally I choose black and white outfits with an exceptional jacket to upgrade my outfit.
The bag that I was wearing you have already seen it in my previous post and it became very quickly my favorite one. The main reason? It is so light to carry, something that is very important for me as I am forced to carry many things in my everyday life.
About my hair, sleek hair are a trend and I have inherited it the last months, I kinda like it. I don't know what other people think of it but I really do not care (ho ho ho).
Have a creative week everybody!

06 January 2018

Saturday OOTD - in case you love berets as I do

Urban Outfitters skirt
I am trully in love with berets since - ever?! - they are SO stylish, frenchie, chic and upgrade every outfit every the more basic ones.
Another love of mine is plaid in every surface. Plaid skirts and trousers are so amazing and classy. A white basic top is always the best way to match them.
Happy weekend everybody!!


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