07 February 2018

One color outfit: khaki

via pinterest
I totally love one color outfits, they are so classy and sophisticated. Khaki is a lovely color - yesterday I bought a trench coat in khaki - and you should definitely give it a try.

05 February 2018

Third eye power

via here
I bumped into this photo through the weekend and I just wanted to share it with you. So artistic and spiritual.
Happy week everyone!

29 January 2018

The perfect prom party dress

You usually ask me how to choose the perfect coctail or prom dress in order to be unique and classy at the same time. The truth is that I am afraid of extremely long-tailed dresses with an overdose of sequins and I hesitate to open up about this topic. 
I prefer a simple dress in chic line in one color and I trully believe that a long dress in a mermaid shape do really update any body type and I totally introduce this type of dresses to every girl.

21 January 2018

What to wear on cold winter days

Today the day is typical wintery: rain, dullness and cold. Eventually, this weather has all of us under blankets with a hot cup of coffee or tea and maybe a book. When I want to beat this feeling of dullness due to weather I wear bright/white clothes to cheer me up.
I created this outfit to keep me warm and feel bright from inside out.
Of course I wanted to wear my lovely new fur coat that I received a couple days ago. I just can't stop wearing it because it is so fluffy and smooth - and of course super warm.
Do you wear white during winter months? I also love white with camel coats and booties.
Hope you had a beautiful weekend everybody!


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