29 April 2015

London day 5

On the fifth day we chose to stay at the neighbour, which means Shoreditch area, local shops and cafes, strolling in parks and traditional fish and chips at a typical british pub.
On the afternoon we took tube to Canary Wharf to see the skyscrapers. The scenery was beautiful and the sunset breathtaking.

21 April 2015

Sunday museum day

On Sunday that was Easter in Greece, we wore our formal clothes and strolled around London, which means, museums, more museums, Harrods, coffees and chinese food. Pure love.
I only took sneakers with me, as the previous time I visited London I realised at once that distances are huge and I always hurt my feet. Those silver sneakers are the solution when you need to wear a formal dress and feel comfortable at the same time.

19 April 2015

Portobello Market

On the third day - Saturday - we had decided to visit Notting Hill and the famous Portobello road and market. I had seen so many photos on the internet about that location that I was really excited. When we came there the location was really beautiful and the cafes and shops very interesting.
The portobello market is huge an you can buy everything you like. I only bought a hat ( the one in photos ) and a pair of fabulous vintage earrings which reminds me of a pair that my mom has as well.
Firstly he had breakfast and then started exploring the market and staring at colorful houses. They are so cute! I think I have reblogged those photos and doors on tumblr about 10 times each.


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