01 November 2015

Black lace

Happy November guys and I am back to outfit posts after a long long time, with a beautiful black lace dress from CNDirect. I wish I could post more often but without a photographer and with lack of free time it is so difficult. Despite that I hope you enjoy my facebook, instagram and snapchat posts. Lately I am so obsessed with snapchat, you can find me there as @marykapsi (same as instagram and facebook).
Those lace up heels are from Sante and I have worn them just once, but totally love them. They are from previous collection but still that kind of heels are still a great trend.

03 August 2015

It's a piercing wolrd

pics by me & tumblr
Beautiful inspo photos from tumblr and some mine as well to set a topic about piercings and body jewelry that looks to be a huge trend during summer season. As you know I only have a mouth piercing and I tried to had a nose one but I didn't make it. It looks like septums and studs are a trend right now but on the other hand piercings like the belly and nose ones are forever classics.
Lately the nipple piercings are a trend as well after Riri promoting them in every nude outfit. I use to visit many body jewelry sites like freshtrends body jewelry on www.freshtrends.com that have everything I need. What's your opinion about body jewelry and would you try an extreme piercing?


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