27 February 2017

The sweater of your dreams

On Sunday, which is my favourite day, I wore my new embroidered skirt with the red sweater of my dreams for a long day out. I matched them with over the knee high boots and a burgundy matte lipstick. 
Today, Monday, is a national day off in Greece so I am at home, in cosy clothes, blogging and drinking coffee (heaven it is!).
About the sweater: as long as I bumped into it, I couldn't stand not to order it. It is a piece that you have to add in your wardrobe and match it with everything. To me, the perfect combination, except of this skirt, is a wide pair of jeans.
I totally enjoy creating beautiful outfits on Sundays, to me is a formal day off. Especially when you are an engineer that spend the week in sneakers, Sunday is a day for heels and girly clothes.
After lunch I am going to clean my new office and into March I am going to decorate my own business place. I would say that I am quite anxious, happy and creative at this moment.

25 February 2017

New in

I am such a huge fan of small crossbody bags and this one was in my craving list for a long long time. I love the fact that has threads in many colours but still is a black bag that matches every outfit. To be honest the argyle twist is so Chanel alike and this is a strong reason to get this bag. I believe that this bag matches perfectly with the hat that I got from Notting Hill two years ago. I totally adore the golden chains, I think they are so classy and fabulous. Unfortunatelly today is raining and I was waiting for the weekend to walk around and enjoy the sun. Wish you all a beautiful weekend! 

19 February 2017

My make-up brush set

Lately I am very keen on make up, generally. I am searching google and youtube in an everyday basis and I am reading about current trends and products. I think youtube beauty bloggers are so amazing and really help me to decide what I need. As I am buying products online, these platforms help me a lot to be proper informed and compare various products. To be honest I am searching about organic make up products. This is a part of my personal change that happend through 2016. I am focusing and trying to use only products that are paraben free. What is your point on this topic? OK, when you have finished with the products then you have to find the right brushes or blenders to apply properly your foundation and be able to achive the technics that are everywhere on internet. When contouring came out I started to follow this trend and totally loved it. The truth is that a contour technic needs the specific brushes. The same happens when it comes to highlight technic. Lately I am also reading about brows (I think the whole cyber world is mad with brows lately) and a great eyebrow brush is necessary to every it girl!

12 February 2017

Double buckle belt

I am obsessed with these double buckle belts for a long time now, but the authentic ones are so expensive, so I managed to get an imitation that looks like the typical ones that Kendal and Gigi wear all the time.
The top that I am wearing is so in fashion the last months - or even year - and I would say that I match it with everything, from leggings to skirts. The outfits look sexier and more rad with these shoulder-off tops.
I wanted to wear the belt with a total black outfit and my high thigh boots. A red lipstick is perfect for tota black outfits, you can also go for hoop earrings.
Outfits like this are perfect for Sunday afternoons that you normally go for coffee or wine and you want to look a little glam and easy at the same time.
My last week was quite stressful but I hope the week that is coming will help me finish various difficult circumstances that I am getting through. Hope you all have a beautiful week!


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