13 January 2017

Effortless chic

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I do not know who you are but I love you.
Bold jewelry, nude make up, light bangs. yes please

10 January 2017


The view from my window for the last three days is just SNOW. It is insane that the degrees are permanently down of zero. Actually the feeling temperature is about -10oC and lower. It really starts to feel like Norway.
I also quite nervous as I have many deadlines this week before traveling. Hope everything will be fine.
Sending love.

07 January 2017


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I just can't believe how cold the weather is. It actually reminds me of Norway. This c o l d. I went for a coffee today, after staying home three days in a row, and I already feel sick again.

06 January 2017


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Today everything goes wrong, even the shipping from online shopping. Wrong thoughts and no mood for reading - even I have to do this. This warm vintage photo made me miss warmer weather and warmer people. #bliss 


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