17 December 2017

Christmas tree matching outfit

Christmas tree matching outfit
Trying to get into the christmassy atmoshare as work is the only think I've been thinking about lately. 
I wore my red sweater and lipstick for this gloomy Sunday and went to the stores earlier today. The bright colors always help to make up your day. Especially red is such a bright and happy color. 
About the christmas decoration, this year we changed the location of our christmas tree and it is in the center of our house. I prefer it like that (I can take many photos with it hehe). Moreover as we renovated the house, the new color at the wall behind is matchy matchy. 
Hope you all have an amazing time!!

16 December 2017

Lace for holidays

Yes, we are just a week befora Christmas and holiday shopping has officially started. I totally recommend you to get a total lace dress with strassy decoration or everything you like. It is the season that you can overdo it anyway. Go for it babe!

09 December 2017

The color of the month

via here
Red season it is.
I totally loved this chic, sexy and girly bra. You know, it is this time of the year that you supposed to buy red underwear ect, Many of them are not that charming but if you are lucky enough and you bump into lingerie with this vibe, please buy it. Unfortunatelly not many red underwear apper in the market the other months of the year.


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