20 October 2017

The skirt of your dreams

I am so in love with wrap skirts since I was like 8 yrs old?!
I can still remember the first one that I had at that age. It was a red wrap skirt and I was wearing it for many years as I was refusing to give it away. After 3 years and as I was clearly taller and the skirt was way too short I had to stop wearing it.
So, I guess you understood this love for that kind of skirts.
Lately, I am following Vergegirl on instagram and I am so in love with their skirts!! May I have all of them?!?

Rising Sign Check Wrap Skirt

+ my favorite song
Happy weekend!!

16 October 2017

Sunday walk in jeans

Yesterday I went for a walk in the afternoon for coffee in the sun. I wore my new blazer that you have already seen on my last post and matched it with jeans and sneakers.
I like to match formal and informal clothes in sunday outfits - shirt and sneakers for instance. Also I wear casual backpacks with blazers all the time. Backpacks are my favorite bags the last years, as due to my job I have to carry many things with me and walk all the day long.
I am so glad that the weather is still warm and we can wear anything we like.
Yesterday I had my hair straight rathen that curly as I normally do lately, just to find out how they look this way. What do you think? Curly or straight?
Wish you all a beautiful week!!


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